Thursday, August 19, 2010

Splish Splash

Last week we headed north for the day to hang out with Kellee and the girls.  The babies always seem to get along great!
  Park2 Park3
Elizabeth is now a big girl among the little babies.  She makes sure that the little ones stayed entertained.Park5
After lunch we headed to the splash park.  It was the perfect day to play in the water.Park23Park7 
Priscilla couldn’t get enough of the water while Anna wanted nothing to do with being splashed on.  Poor thing.Park14
      This thing here made me think of a mushroom. 
Park24The kids enjoyed running into and underneath the dome that squirted out.  It looked pretty cool.
There was water squirting up randomly all over the place.  That was pretty fun!
Anna was happy as long as she wasn’t near any squirting water.  Elizabeth wasn’t took thrilled about getting water splashed on herself either.

David is letting Kellee know that he’s having a lot of fun and this place is super cool. Or maybe he’s saying something else.  I really have no idea what he’s telling her.
    The water was pretty cold, so the girls decided to warm up a little in the sun.
Not only was there a splash park, but there is a playground and sand pit as well.  This was great because the kids could play and dry off a bit before hopping into the car.
Elizabeth was pretty content to hang out in the sand.  She preferred this to the water area.
As I was driving home I looked down at the temperature and I’m pretty sure it was a record breaking day. Yikes! It was really hot outside. 
You can check out some more photos from our adventure HERE.  And if you know Kellee you know there was some food involved with our get together, so you’ll have to check back later to see what it was.  :)  Until next time…


Displaced Iowan said...

David is saying, "Miss Kellee, you're great and all, but the person I'm really looking for is your awesome sister Adriane. When will she be showing up?"

Also, Kel, P's swimsuit is the BEST.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

that looks like such fun! anything to relieve some of this heat. makes me even more thankful for central a/c!