Monday, August 2, 2010


 EMPAfter messing around at Seattle Center we headed over to the EMP or Experience Music Project. EMP1  EMP3

I had never been here before.  It was pretty interesting.  I mean the outside of the building alone is pretty wild.  I think to really appreciate this place you’ve got to know your music.  For me, I can’t even read music, let alone know who sings what.EMP2

There’s a small little area that is free and open to the public.  It has little benches and this huge screen.  You can sit, hang out and just listen to music.  Kind of cool, if you ask me.EMP4 EMP5

There are a few exhibits in this place.  The big one is the Jimmy Hendrix exhibit.


There old guitars that he used, photos, and lots of history about his music career.EMP7 EMP8

They were also showcasing the Supremes and had their costumes on display.  Those were neat to look at up close.EMP9

The place the kids enjoyed the most was this sound lab because it was hands on! EMP10

  There was this drum thing that the kids had fun playing with. EMP11


were also several little sound proof rooms where you could play a guitar, keyboard, or even pretend to record music.EMP12

Seriously, this building is the most quirky building I’ve ever seen.


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