Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dr. Bronner's

My friend, Carissa has a beauty blog, Hooked on Beauty.  Whenever I have a question about something, makeup or skin care related, I just shoot her an email.   I asked her about a facial cleanser one time and she recommended a whole slew of products.  This one, however, is very versatile and I just love it!
Angela, this is for you.  I went searching for Dr. Bronner's soaps after Carissa told me about it and I found that there was a baby mild soap as well.  I picked some up and we've been using it ever since.  My kids' skin is soft and not dried out.  Even in the winter when it's really dry outside my kids' skin is still silky smooth.  I use the liquid soap for them. We just dump a little in their bath water and watch the dirt fall off their skin.  It's the best soap.  It completely strips you clean.

I originally purchased the peppermint bar soap to use as a facial cleanser.  You get this tingly, clean feeling after using it.   It's great!  Jared started using it in the shower and it has actually toned down his eczema.  It hasn't made it go away completely, but it is less noticeable now.

There are many different scents.  I have to say that the almond, peppermint, and baby mild are still my favorites.   Try it out and let me know how it works for you.  I'd love to hear about it.  I have found Dr. Bronner's on the internet at their website, as well as an army surplus store near our house,  Target, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage, and King Soopers.


Amy said...

This has been our family's fav. soap too! I also found out that the Dr. Bronner that created the company was a customer of my dad's back when my dad was involved in trading stocks. My dad said he was a really nice guy, but also very eccentric!

Brenda said...

I just bought the almond liquid soap at Fred Meyer and am getting ready to use it for hand soap throughout the house. My neighbor did it and mixes it with water in the foaming pump bottles (I got some from Bath & Body Works, she is using the Method ones) and it lasts forever! Good to know you can use it for baby soap, too!

JAN said...

Amy, that's pretty funny. Looking at the bottles I can see how the guy would be a little eccentric. :)

Brenda, Carissa uses them in her house for hand soap too. If you read the bottle there are million different uses. If you can find it in the army surplus store you gotta know that it can clean anything.

Carissa said...

Thanks for the props! It's still my #1 shower gel and hand soap, all of the dispensers in the house have it. Mike's hands and quit cracking and drying out since we switched years ago. LOVE IT!

Look for great deals on too.