Friday, July 9, 2010

Wild West Days 5K

Run While we were in South Dakota it was also Wild West Days in Faulkton.  There was a 5K.  Laura thought it would be fun to participate.Run1 Here’s the Melius crew that participated.  You know it's a small town when the person in charge of the 5K calls the place in which you are staying to find out what t-shirt size you would like. (And we didn't even stay at a "Melius" home.)Run2Not only did we have fun,  Run3 but it was also a really good idea since we spent most of the weekend was going to be eating and visiting.Run4The 5K took place at the local golf course.  This hole happened to be in memory of Jared’s grandparents.  Run6
We four here took part in the walk, but we did end up running a little.  After the run we had to rush home to get ready for the big parade!!!

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Susan said...

I've been looking at your South Dakota pictures. I guess all the little towns look about the same, because it reminded me so much of Lemmon!