Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seattle Center

SCAlright.  So, moving back to our Seattle trip, we hung out at Seattle Center for a bit.SC1Ever been to Bumbershoot?SC2 This is where it all happens.SC3My brother wanted to get the Space Needle in the background of this photo.  He tried, but it didn’t quite work.  Good try though.  Can you see us? SC4  Then he got distracted when he saw… can you see it?  There’s a bird and a plane flying overhead!SC6 We played around on the stage and then the kids started jumping off.SC7 Even my dad and my brother got into the fun!SC8

I think jumping around makes people happy.  How can you not smile just looking at this?SC9My nephew Kai wanted to fly like an airplane. SC10

My family likes to pose for photos.  Who knows why, but they just do.  Maybe it’s an Asian thing.  :)


Hooked On Beauty said...

Your dad jumping is my favorite thing! He's so cute.

JAN said...

I know. Isn't it funny? You should have seen him doing the limbo at my wedding. :)