Monday, July 12, 2010


ParadeJuly 3rd was the big 4th of July parade in South Dakota.Parade5The family had a float in the parade Parade1 It was to remember Jared’s grandparents. Before his grandpa farmed full time he worked for John Deere.  This is a huge John Deere family.  You won’t see anything but green tractors in this family…unless you head to Yakima, but that’s a whole different story. :)Parade2 Conrad, Orin, and Dwight are sons of Claire and Rosemarie.  Then there’s Jeff.  He’s married to Beth (not pictured).  We like him because he went to UW.  But that’s about the only reason. Just kidding, Jeff!  I only wrote that because I know Beth is reading this.  Adam, there on the end is the son of Conrad and a grandson to Claire and Rosemarie.  Confused yet? It’ll get worse if I keep explaining who everyone is. Parade3These little future farmers are great grandsons to Claire and Rosemarie.  They drove these gators in the parade.  Parade4Now of course you already know Anna and Elizabeth, at least I hope you do.  I made their little outfits out John Deere fabric from Grandma Rosemarie.  We live in the city and our kids are not fortunate to own John Deere clothing.  I know they  are deprived.  I may have to start buying them some.  Parade7Here are some more great grandchildren.  I’m sure you can figure which ones are our kids.  They seem to stick out like sore thumb. Parade8 Grandpa Claire was very into creating cool things with old wheels.  In fact his whole yard had different wheel sculptures everywhwere.  He was published in a magazine for it as well.Parade9 Now that guy there belongs to me.  Looking at his family you can tell he’s a Melius.  That little baby on his lap I’m not so sure about.  She doesn’t really look like her father too much.  Maybe she did get his slanty eyes and flat nose.  Kidding!!!  Next to them is Laura who is married to Jared’s cousin David.  They actually got engaged the night of our wedding.  I like to think they we played a big role in getting them to get married.  In fact, I know it was us.  We’re that good!  Theresa is on Laura’s lap.  Isn’t she adorable?Parade10 Alright, here’s half the gang hanging out while we waited for things to get rolling.  See Grandpa’s wheels?  Awesome aren’t they?Parade11 Here are some more of my lovely children.  Can you name them?Parade12  I’m not going to lie, but I’m pretty sure we had the best float in the whole parade and we gave out the best stuff too! The back of the gators were loaded up with popsicles, tootsie rolls, and bubbles.  And not only that we threw out necklaces!  Cool, huh?Parade14 Going down Main Street.Parade15 Ahh, caught!  Here are some more Melius’ that ditched.  That’s okay they missed out.Parade16 Once we got done going through the parade we pulled off to watch the rest of it.  Now it was the kids’ turn to collect candy.Parade17 I don’t know whose yard we’re standing in, but we took over their front lawn.  We really did we just pulled out the beer and blankets and just made ourselves at home.  Now don’t try that in my yard or I’ll pull out the shot gun…or not.  I’d just give you the stare down.Parade18
Morgan and Rebecca.Parade19
Now there’s Jared’s aunt Kristi.  Can you pick her out?  Yellow squirt gun.  Her class of 1980 also had a float and she joined them when we almost finished.  She the awesome aunt that always sends the kids packages in the mail.
Look.  She thinks she conquered, but not so fast.  Some of the guys ran up and drenched her with water.  Ha!
Back home after the parade.  It was a fun and successful morning.  We took the kids home for naps and then it was time to really kick things into gear. Until next time….

You can check out some more photos from that day by clicking on the album below.

Parade Day


SarahKate said...

You are so sweet! I love reading. And your recipes have been inspirational! Loved the pot-stickers! I went to a little Chinese grocery for dumpling wrappers and I asked the lady there if she had dumpling "folders", (like your nifty machine.) She laughed so hard at me saying "you can fold them with your hand"!! She told her daughter and they were all laughing!! Needless to say I did fold them with my hand. Best Wishes, darlin. xxx

JAN said...

Thanks! Your story is so funny. You know what? My mom can't find that little tool either and she lives in Seattle. Send me an email with your address and the next time I go to the Asian store I'll pick one up for you. :)

Edie Mindell said...

Great pictures!!! I love it. The photos are all captivating and you captured it all beautifully. It's great to have fun together with the whole family.:-)

Gail said...

Great pictures of your reunion Jan. I especially love the John Deere dresses for your girls. I should have known (and expected no less from you, of course) that you of all people would be able to get that all done AND pack to get your family across country.
I hope the kiddos are all well now and you are reunited with your two steppin',bull kissin' hubby. I have a picture to send you...