Monday, July 5, 2010

It Was a Good Thought

FamPicTrying to get a group picture at a family reunion this big is chaos.  But then again having that memory is great.  You know me and my camera.  I’m all for it.  :) FamPic1 Trying to get a photo of 22 kids ages 8 and under is crazy!  Some kids just don’t want to cooperate.  However, the memories are priceless, so I’m all for it.    FamPic6Maybe it’s time to pull out a little Sesame Street. FamPic5  Alright, Ernie wasn’t cutting it, so it was time for some drastic measures; fruit snacks!FamPic4This is the view the kids had.  No wonder they weren’t smiling.  Who are all these crazy people trying to get them to smile and be happy? Yikes!FamPic7There’s a time to keep trying and there’s a time to quit.  It was time to quit. FamPic3jpg

This was as good as it was going to get.  22 kids.

Check out some more fun pics from the kids’ photo op!

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