Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner at The Cliff House

Cliff2For our anniversary Jared and I decided to have dinner on the front porch of The Cliff House.  It was fantastic!Dinner I told my husband that I had to get pictures of our food for Kellee.  That’s right Kellee.  These food pictures are for you.Dinner1 I loved the decorative butter.  I’m going to try this sometime..Dinner2Here’s the view from our table.  We got to do a little people watching.  It was fun. Dinner3 And here are our amazing dinners!  This is called Fruits De Mer.  Okay, I don’t know what that name means, so this is what it is: Black Tiger Shrimp, Maine Lobster, Sea Scallops, Grilled Summer Squash, Angel Hair Pasta, Saffron Fumet.Dinner4 We also had the Cliff House Filet Mignon.  This steak was unbelievable. This is what the dish includes: Black Truffle Stuffed and Blue Cheese Topped Filet, Horseradish and Honey Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus and Veal Jus.  I highly recommend it unless you don’t like bleu cheese.Dinner5When the sun went down the lights came on. Aren’t these the coolest?  I want some for my yard. 

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Kellee said...

AH! Thank you for the pictures! It looks wonderful. I am so glad you guys had such a nice time and got to get away.