Thursday, July 29, 2010

Church Garden

Before Before1

If you follow along with our blog you know that we planted a substantial garden at our church. Then we went on a really long vacation.  Here are some peas and broccoli just before we left.  When we returned the peas were done.Before6

Here is our garden before we left.  I wasn’t sure that it was doing so well.  I didn’t think the corn was going to make it.

Before3  Before5 

The onions were just starting to get going and the spinach was almost done.  I froze a massive batch of spinach before we left.  I’m all set for spinach artichoke dip this winter!gardenWhen we returned from vacation our garden had gone crazy.  It was like it had a mind of it’s own. Garden1 The corn has taken over.Garden2We also have a ton of viney plants and squash that went super crazy! Garden3 Garden5  The broccoli and beans are out of control.Garden7The kids were excited to help pick stuff.Garden4The pickling cucumbers might be a little over done.  Oops!  That’s 12 pounds of cucumbers right there.Garden8

We have onions and broccoli coming out of ears!!!Garden9 Here’s a little bit of what we came home with from the garden.

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