Friday, May 28, 2010


It’s time for zoo season to begin again!  I know you never get tired of zoo pics right?  Zoo

I think everyone thought it was a good zoo day.  We had to park at the museum.  It was nuts. Zoo1Every time we go to the zoo we have to see the elephants.  My kids are completely fascinated by them.  Zoo3The big brown bears were out playing on this very warm day. Zoo4Look at these animals.  They’re so crazy we had to cage them up! I also have a new nanny!  Oh, wait, I wish I had a nanny.  That’s my friend Carissa.  She looks good with a bunch of kids doesn’t she?  I think she needs a few of her own. Zoo5We saw a bunch of tropical birds. Zoo7The colors on some of these birds are fantastic.Zoo6I think David and Elizabeth could have played at this sink all day.  They didn’t want to leave.  I need one of these at home.  It runs on a sensor.  Zoo8Carissa took over my camera for awhile.  Can you tell who shot what? Zoo9Gorillas are another must see animal for our family at the zoo. Zoo10
This guy thinks that if he climbs up high and covers himself we won’t see him and he’ll stay cool.Zoo11I always love these little guys. They’re kind of cute!  David wants to bring one home. Zoo12Run, David, run! Zoo13Crazy kids! Zoo14It was definitely a good napping day. Zoo15This was one of the first times that the orangutans were awake and on the move. Zoo16Don’t mess with this guy. zoo17 Did you know that there’s a gorilla under there?Zoo18Red river hogs are just weird. Zoo19These guys have beautiful color but watch out if they moon you.  Zoo21Break time! Zoo20Not only did we see some interesting animals we saw some interesting people.  I guess someone forgot to tell Carissa that she was supposed to wear her twirly hat.Zoo22Watch out for this kid.  He’ll chase your geese away for you. Zoo23More pretty birds. Zoo24Elizabeth wanted to take this one home. Zoo25I loved these birds.  They had some gorgeous color to them.  Zoo27 What do you think they’re looking at? Zoo29The zoo couldn’t afford zebras, so they just took some deer and painted stripes on them, right Carissa? Zoo30Oh, wait.  I guess we did find some zebras after all. Zoo31Dirty camels.  Zoo33  Here’s my nanny again.  She’d make a great nanny.  I just need to get her to quit her job and work for free.Zoo35    Gorgeous peacock right? You should see the crowd trying to get a snap of this.Zoo38
That giraffe gave us the stare down.
Good times at the zoo.  I’m sure we’ll be back a hundred more times this summer!


Displaced Iowan said...

Hey, tell this Carissa whoever to stop trying to break in on my nanny racket. The Melius children are mind, lady! Got that??

Ok, ok. I concede. But only for now. I'm watching you.

JAN said...

I was hoping you would see this, get jealous and move out here. I'm still waiting, and so is Kellee.

Hooked On Beauty said...

I'm willing to share duties because you might need a few. I'll help with the cinnamon roll making and your friend can be on diaper detail.

I just Tweeted this post, it was so cute.

I loved our zoo day and I hope there are more this summer!

JAN said...

I'll take all the nannies I can get! Zoo, park, pool, we have a busy summer ahead of us.