Saturday, May 8, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen

CPK1I took the older kids on a field trip to the California Pizza Kitchen. CPK2The kids got to make their own pizzas. CPK3First they start out with premade dough.  Good thing because it could have gotten a little messy. CPK4Thomas wasn’t so sure at first.  He actually wanted to stay home. CPK5Rebecca’s an old pro at this because we make pizza at home quite often. CPK6Rachel loves doing this kind of thing. CPK7For you Rhonda, since you forgot your camera.  :)  CPK9We, moms even got to make a pizza.CPK8 Cheese was next.CPK10Then came the toppings. CPK11When we finished making our pizzas, they gave us a tour of the restaurant. CPK12It was pretty neat to see things behind the scenes. CPK13Anyone for a drink? CPK14There’s the oven where our pizzas were cooked.  Cool, huh?  CPK16After the tour our pizzas were out of the oven waiting for us! CPK17 The kids really enjoyed this field trip and so did I.  Did you know that the average person eats 23.5 pounds of cheese per year?  Did you think it was more or less than that?  Our family loves cheese, so I thought it would have been more like 50 pounds.  I was way off.  See?  I learned something from this field trip too.


Lauren said...

Jan, for a minute I thought you were the lone adult and I couldn't decide if a.) you were the bravest mother ever or b.) completely insane. Phew. Glad to see you had other moms along. Looks like fun.

Erin said...

Okay Jan, I need details!

Do you have a connection to a CPK? Or does this chain regularly host field trips like this? Cost?

JAN said...

Erin, call your CPK. I think it depends on the restaurant. It was free. They also gave all the kids gift certificates to use for the entire month of May. I got some for the younger kids too, so we could eat there for entire month and only have to pay for Jared and me. Nice, huh?