Friday, April 23, 2010

There’s a Time to Work…

… and there’s a time to play.  The kids didn’t really help much with the garden.  They had more important things to do.
Church10 Rachel was running a store.  You could purchase pretty much anything from her.Church11Wendy was pretty much in charge of the swings the whole entire time. Church12She was pretty good at pushing all the kids on the swings.Church13In fact she was so good at it that Erika had to have Wendy push her and nobody else.Church14   Well, Mimi might have squeezed in a few pushes.  Three swings was a lot for Wendy, so Mimi had to come and help.  Ha!
Church24 What’s Thomas up to?  I’ll let you figure that one out.

Moving on to more important things, the kids began collecting ladybugs.
The ladybugs were housed in a tunnel on the playground.
Here’s Wendy taking a picture of me taking a picture of her. If you don’t know her, she’s Jared’s dad’s cousin.  Got that?
The wind started picking up and things began falling from the sky.  Mimi thought that a bird might have pooped on her head.  I said that I couldn’t be sure of that because I didn’t see any birds, however there was something white in her hair.  Hmmm… Makes you wonder doesn’t it?  I was just kidding.
Spring has sprung and the kids can’t get enough of the outdoors.  It’s also a good time to search for bugs.
  Gavin and Erika have begun searching for grasshoppers.
They found one!  Now they’re looking for more.
Rebecca has a new little friend.
  David is just mischievous.
The little kids finally gave up their swings, so Rachel got a turn!

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Amy said...

These pictures are amazing! I especially love how the tunnel ones turned out.