Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Kellee Comes Over…


…she packs half her house and brings it with her. (This is not even close to everything she brought.)Cookies11 Out of the two of us, she’s the crafty, creative one.  I just supply the children.Cookies13She makes all kids happy! Cookies14This is Josie.  I can’t tell the girls apart, however my kids can and they told me that this is Josie.  I know, I know.  They’re wearing different colored shirts.  I still can’t remember who is who.  It’s too much for me. Cookies26So far so good.  Everything still looks pretty clean right?Cookies16 This is Grace.  I know this because my kids told me so.Cookies30    Thomas was really into this cookie decorating thing.Cookies20   David was too…although he was more into the eating aspect of it all.Cookies24  Elizabeth even wanted to take part in all the fun.  She didn’t want an frosting on hers though.Cookies28Kellee made these puzzle cookies.  They were pretty neat.  Rebecca is decorating a bunny that came in three different pieces. Cookies29Look!  It’s still a pretty clean table…   Cookies31until now!  Long after the girls had finished decorating all the cookies they wanted to decorate, the boys were still going strong.  They were definitely not as neat and tidy as the girls. Cookies32Here are a few of the cookies the kids decorated.Cookies35Guess who decorated this cookie?

Cookies36So not only did the kids decorate cookies, but they also made these cute little candies.  Aren’t they cool?  cookies37 These are the only photos I got because this is when we needed a nanny (Adriane) to help out. You’re probably wondering where those cute little babies are during all of this right? You’ll have to wait to see their cute little faces in my next post.

Cookies  For now here’s a little peek at the babies.  But really you should be looking at our awesome aprons.  And I bet you didn’t know that I grew a few inches did you?  I always wanted to be as tall as Kellee.


Adriane said...

Oh my gosh. It's clear that I'm needed in Colorado. Hold on, Anna and Beanie. I'm on my way! (Wait. Will there still be cookies available when I get there?)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

What a fun friend! I bet Kellee is a favorite guest at your house.

Kellee said...

Oh your pictures turned out great! You should have gotten one of the sprinkle covered chair.
When can we come back :)