Sunday, January 3, 2010

Red Rocks

On the fourth day of Christmas we went to Red Rocks.RR6I think the name itself can tell you what we saw.RRRR9         Gorgeous red rocks that only God could have created.RRBlogRR21It’s just beautiful there.RR26This is our goofy neighbor.RR29The snow didn’t want to melt…and still hasn’t melted today as we are getting more snow.RR31Elizabeth and Anna were good just riding along.



Our neighbor and friend visiting from out of town.  They were great photography friends for me.  They also taught me a few things.RRBlog1

There was a breathtaking view of downtown Denver.

 RR32 RR37 RR38 RR40 

Jared wanted to be Rocky running the steps.


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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Gorgeous pics! The red rocks definitely look more friendly in color than in black and white. B&W is striking but wow, does it look FREEZING!