Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Baby Girls

16E1Elizabeth turned 16 months old the day after Christmas.  She really wanted to go out and play in the snow, but then quickly changed her mind when she got out there. 16E3Jared calls her our “cancer baby.”  She has had the least amount of hair out of all of our kids and it’s so thin. 16EIt’s tough to get snaps of her these days because she’s always on the move or like many of you with small children know, she just wants to see the picture.4AAnna is 4 months old today!  She’s loves talking.  In fact she is trying to talk to me as I’m shooting these photos. 4A2  She has begun rolling from her stomach to her back.  She’s still working on the back to stomach thing.  She tries, but not too hard. She has better things to do than practice rolling.4A4Smiling with her mouth wide open is just her.  She wouldn’t have it any other way, especially when she gets so excited. 4A1


Monique said...


Your children are TRULY adorable. I love those chubby cheeks on Ana.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Poor thing has my hair. While mine is still kinda thin, I do compliments on it. Plus, who needs a full head of hair to take away from her amazingly beautiful eyes? :)

I think all of your children are beautiful. It wouldn't surprise me if their outsides match their insides. (and not in a creepy, biology way but y'know, beautiful hearts and all!)