Friday, November 6, 2009


TomatoesGard We had twelve tomato plants this year. They ended up producing quite a bit of fruit, however they were slow to ripen. We were expecting a freeze at the beginning of October, so we ended up picking the remainder of our tomatoes while they were still green. We wrapped them in paper, stuck them in a box, and a few weeks later some of them had turned red. We have a few green ones left, so they are still in the box.

I like tomatoes, so when they went on sale at our local grocery store I went a little crazy. I bought 30 pounds and added them to what we already had. Then I got home and didn’t know what to do with them. I decided to do this:TomatoesI boiled them. tomatoes2 Look! The skin is already starting to come off.Tomatoes1Then I stuck them in an ice cold water bath and peeled the skins off.Tomatoes3Just hanging out in their ice cold water. Tomatoes4

Those skins just wrinkle up and pretty much fall off on their own.tomatoes6

Yikes! Naked tomatoes!Tomatoes5

Then I stuck them in a meat grinder. Tomatoes7Tomatoes9

If you’re the type of person with texture issues, then sticking them through the grinder is perfect for you. If you like chunkier tomatoes then don’t stick them through the grinder. You won’t like the texture. Tomatoes10

I decided to make salsa and pasta sauce! Now we’ll see how long it all lasts.

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Amy said...

Looks so good!! And again...your pictures are amazing!