Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Day in Our Life

My friend Erin recently had a post about her day. I thought it was great that she shared her day. I know I’m kind of crazy. Maybe I should be in the looney bin, but after reading her post I didn’t feel so crazy. I’m not saying that you’re crazy, Erin. I’m just saying that I can completely relate to your busy day and I know why God made women talented multi taskers. Juggling all the things we do in a day always made me feel like I was crazy. Maybe crazy isn’t the right word. Chaotic. That’s better. Organized chaos. Is that even possible? Things are almost always chaotic around here, but I do feel like it’s somewhat organized. In the midst of all the things going on there is a routine to the madness, sort of. Anyways, if you’d like a glimpse into one of my days read on, if not just ignore this post all together.

Wake up and shower. No time for hair and makeup today. Anna is up. I woke up late today. Feed Anna and start a new blog post. Finish feeding Anna, change her diaper, and come downstairs. Check email and a few friends’ blogs. Get breakfast for David and Thomas. Get Elizabeth up. Make her a bottle and give her a banana and Cheerios for breakfast. Make coffee. Pull some butter out for cookies. Help Rebecca get stuff to make scrambled eggs. Edit a few photos in Photoshop. Drink some coffee. Help get some kids changed and change some diapers. Send kids to watch cartoons for little bit. Return a few emails. Check some more blogs. Clean up breakfast. Put Anna down for a nap. Get lesson plans together. Write some practice problems on the board. Drink more coffee. Get a load of laundry into the wash. Have Rebecca start English and Math. Vacuum living and family rooms. Feed Anna. Work on blog post a little more because I am uber talented at typing and nursing a baby at the same time. Drink more coffee. Change Anna and Elizabeth’s diapers. Put Elizabeth down for a nap. Teach English to Rebecca while Rachel listens. Start a little Math. Forget to have lunch ready. Warm up some leftovers. Do some reading with Rachel. Finish getting lunch on plates. Return a quick phone call. Give kids lunch. Put Anna down for a nap. Get Elizabeth up for lunch. Put clothes in the dryer. Grab a few bites for myself. Decide if I should make dinner or not since Jared won’t be home. Decide to make Chicken Spaghetti. Start boiling chicken. Eat a little more lunch. Send the kids to the basement to play for awhile. Clean up. Sweep the floor so Elizabeth and David don’t eat scraps off the floor later in the afternoon. Wonder if we should get a dog, so I don’t have to sweep all the time. Decide against it since it would be too much work right now. Start math lesson with Rachel. Grab another bite of my lunch. Forget about the chicken until it boils over on the stove. Simmer it for awhile. Help Thomas do a math worksheet. Have Rebecca start a math game while I work with Rachel. Check on David and Elizabeth who are playing in the basement that got hit by a tornado or hurricane. Ask David to clean up some toys. He says, “OK Mom.” But I know better and think maybe I should get a maid instead. However, that won’t work because I would probably clean up before the maid came so she wouldn’t see what slobs we really are. Give Rachel math worksheets. Change Elizabeth’s diaper. Sit her at the table with the rest of the kids with a paper and crayon to keep her a occupied for a little while. Have kids practice math jingle while I wish I knew how to read music. Keep working on lessons with Rebecca and Rachel on the abacus. Make faces at Elizabeth to keep her distracted. Clean up the mess that she made with cards that she wasn’t supposed to play with. Give Rebecca math worksheets. Pull chicken out of pot to cool. Put Elizabeth and David down for a nap. Practice some more reading with Rachel because she wants to do more reading. Can’t say no to that. Feed Anna and read history with the kids that are awake. Give kids activity pages. Do some map work with Rebecca. Get dinner going again-chop and shred. Make faces at Anna while I shred chicken. Check email and FB. Click some pics of dinner prep. Maybe I’ll blog it. Lay Anna down for a nap. Get Elizabeth up. Finish getting dinner ready. Clean up some of the mess I’ve made. Unload a dishwasher. Run another dishwasher. Load other dishwasher. Put dinner in the oven. Edit some more photos while I wait. Listen to Rachel read. Feed kids dinner. Clean two bathrooms while kids eat. Three more to clean later. Ugh! Feed Anna. Change diapers. Clean up dinner. Get a plate of spaghetti for myself. Entertain Anna while I eat. Clean up. Throw another load of laundry into the washing machine. Get Elizabeth ready for bed. Sit down and watch the movie Annie with older kids hoping Jared comes home soon. They haven’t seen him for two days. Jared comes home and puts the kids to bed. We watch Survivor from the night before. Feed Anna one last time. Is it really 10:00 pm? Where did the day go? Go to bed.

***As I read over my day I’m realizing that I never finished some of the things I started. I’ve been wanting to start a few sewing and knitting projects, and now I know why I haven’t been able to. Maybe it’s time for a vacation. :)

Now I can’t leave you without a picture because that’s not how I roll, so here you go. What do you think it is? I'll leave you to ponder it until next time.


Rebekah said...

I aboslutly LOVE this! It is so funny to see what mothers really do with their time. Even though I am not a mother, I have a sort of understanding. I love reading your blog!

I think the picture is pumpkin.

Have a blessed day,

Lauren said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! But I love it and I love that you love it.

JAN said...

Yes, it was an exhausting day, but it felt good. It was a good tired, if you know what I mean.

Colleen said...

And now...I need a nap. Just from reading this.