Sunday, September 27, 2009

9 Days Old

Okay.  So now I am up to day nine of Anna’s photos and she is actually almost four weeks old.  Yikes!  Some virus has run rampant through our house, so I haven’t kept up on photos or blogging for that matter.  Even little Anna got a touch of it.  I think we are almost through it. 

Abasket2Sleeping is still one of Anna’s favorite past times.  :)

Abasket3Uncle Jay and Aunt Nicki got this balloon and stuffed animal for Anna.  Doesn’t she just look tiny?


Abasket4      Abasket7


I have so many photos that I can never decide which ones to post.  Sorry.


I have plenty more.  It looks like I may need a new header first though.  Any ideas?


tina said...

teeny tiny miracle! congratulations, jan. she's gorgeous!

Christina said...

What an adorable little girl & such great pictures. WOW! Clever.

thanks for sharing.

Pineapple Princess said...

What beautiful, beautiful photography on your blog! What a talent!!

Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous baby girl!

Kellee said...

Those are so cute! That basket is great and I still love the blanket. You will have to come up when mine gets here with camera in hand!