Sunday, June 7, 2009

Water Fun

Whilst my family was in town they also did some shopping.  I think this water table by Step 2 will be the best toy of the summer.  All of the kids love it! In fact, they fight over the toys.  It makes me almost want to get another one.  This table has kept them busy for hours in a day.  If you’re looking for a great outdoor gift this one rocks!  It doesn’t take much water or even much room.  You don’t have to have water running all the time like you would for a sprinkler or slip n’ slide.  It’s very economical for you water bill.



1 comment:

Julie Rivera Photography said...

The water table is nice and all...but I am in love with your grass!!! :) Looks like the kids are all going to get your money's worth out of the new toy.

And to answer your question, I am due October 30, so nearly two months behind you. I know Sept is a ways off, but it will be here SO fast!