Monday, June 15, 2009

Stormy June

This month has been wet.  Crazy, stormy, and wet.  This last week was an especially wet one for us.  I am hoping my garden pulls through.  Yesterday, (Sunday), may have been the wettest day of the week.  I woke up for church in the morning to bright, warm sun.  I left church and the car was hot.  It was hot outside.  A few hours later dark clouds began appearing in the sky.  Then it started raining and hailing really hard and we were under another tornado warning.
Our gutters couldn’t even keep up.  The flowers and roses were getting hailed on.  It almost looked like winter was back and so was the snow. 
20090614_0001     20090614_0006
When the rain finally stopped my garden looked flooded.  I don’t know if my tomatoes will make it.  It didn’t seem like my peas, beans, or lettuce liked all that hail and rain either.  Our rain gauge measured 1.5 inches in just about 1 hour. 
Then by 7 o’clock Sunday evening the sun was out again.  There was no sign of a storm at all.  The roads were nearly dry and the sky was blue.  That’s the way the weather works around here.  I usually can’t stand the dreary clouds, storms, and rain for too long, but knowing that in just a few hours the sun will be out again makes it okay.  So far the only real signs of all the rain is that my lawn is very slow to dry out.  It’s pretty soggy and we haven’t had to turn on the sprinklers yet this year.
20090614_0004   20090614_0008    

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tina said...

She's beautiful, Jan. Have you all picked out names for the new Melius?