Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last week Jared and Rebecca spent 4 days at Lutheran Valley Retreat.  Jared had brought some kids from our church there for a confirmation retreat and Rebecca was tagging along.   All of the sessions are taught by the pastors.  The kids have a great time and they really learn a lot.  It’s located in the mountains and there’s lots to do.  If you’re looking for a confirmation retreat for your church check this one out next year!IMG_7381
lvr (2)
Even though Rebecca was a little young she still enjoyed herself.  She and Jared went fishing. Rebecca caught two fish and they brought them home for us to eat!
IMG_7417  IMG_7418
There was also time for the pastors to relax, hang out and play cards.  Where are all of the kids they are supposed to be chaperoning?  IMG_7390
I think Rebecca might make fine photographer some day.

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Chad said...

She is so grown-up! So cute!