Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We go through bread way too fast around here, so I have been making bread every once in awhile. David couldn't wait to have it. I am pretty sure he concocted this plan:

1.Get chair from kitchen table
2. Push chair across kitchen to counter where bread is sitting.
3. Climb onto chair.
4. Reach out and grab several chunks of bread.
5. Enjoy.

And enjoy he did until he was caught. It was well calculated, wasn't it? I guess I will be baking more bread really soon. This loaf didn't last too long.


tina said...

Oh, my, he's so cute, though. I'd let him off ;)

Fiene family said...

Oh my! You weren't kidding when you said he got into the bread. He is so cute though, how can you get mad?

Mandy said...

This reminds me of Dustin..."we weren't eating bread". Just ask Jared about that one.