Friday, March 20, 2009


If you are a Crocs fan then you know that they were created here in Colorado. I'm not huge fan personally, but I love them for kids. I think they are the greatest shoes for kids in summer time. They are easy to get on and off and if they get really dirty you can just run them through the dishwasher. I've had knockoffs and they don't even compare. They don't hold up nearly as well. Yesterday and through this weekend there is a Crocs warehouse sale going on here. We decided to brave the crowds to see what we could get.

So imagine this. I have have all five kids with me, since Jared is at work. I have the little stroller and the boys are sitting in it. I am carrying Elizabeth in a Baby Bjorn, and the other two girls are walking. We arrived a little before 1pm. The sale started at 1pm. We walked right in after I had to get the stroller up the stairs. The employees handed us a huge garbage like bag. They were super nice. In fact all of the employees working there were really nice and helpful.

Okay, now we're inside and this warehouse is just nuts. I find the kids area and bolt over there. I just started going through and grabbing shoes for the kids. We got pretty much every size they had available for kids. Then I got stuck in an aisle. There is hardly enough room for a normal sized stroller and I have my double stroller with me. I'm just glad we didn't bring the big one. Everyone is pushing and shoving. Then the nasty comments came out. I wonder what people are thinking sometimes. Do they think I can't hear them when I am standing right in front of them? "I can't believe you would bring a stroller here."
"Stop pushing. I'm not going to budge."
"Why would you bring kids to a place like this?" I finally snapped at a lady and said, "Look, I have 5 kids. I don't have anyone to watch them and when these shoes are $10 I am willing to bring them." I wanted to keep yelling at her, but I was trying to get out of the way of the nice people. I wanted to tell her that at least my kids are well behaved and their manners were much better than hers.

Well, we finally made it to the checkout line with no more problems. The question I always get from people is "Are all those kids yours?" While I was in line a lady asked me that.
After I told they were mine she asked me, "Are you that Octo-mom?"
I said, "No, I just have one kid at a time." And she started laughing.

Our little adventure was quickly coming to an end. As we were walking out of the warehouse I noticed this massive line. Holy cow! It was down the parking lot around the corner. I'm glad we got there when we did. Now for more comments.

"What a brave woman."
"I can't believe she brought all those kids with her." And you know what? If I ever go back, I would probably bring them all with me again. They are well behaved and know how to control themselves in public situations. At home is a different story...


Amy said...

I love your story! Someday, you will have to reply back, "No their not all mine...where did you come from?" Wonder what their reaction would be to that?

Hooked On Beauty said...

I laughed all the way through that.

Love the octo-mom and how you have yours one at a time.

I didn't think shoe shopping was an adult exclusive event. Especially for Crocs!

Was this in Boulder where they make them?

The weird thing is that you were probably getting such a hard time from other moms!

JAN said...

I've thought about telling people that I'm a new widow. I'd love to see that reaction after they've been so rude.

The sale is thru Sunday in Longmont. You should go and get some and make your feet look fat and ugly. :)

I'm pretty sure it was other moms giving me a hard time because we were in the kids section. And you wonder why kids today are rude and disrespctful.

Colleen said...

Wow, people are so rude!! And Crocs for 10 bucks!! I don't know which part is more unbelievable!! Good for you for snapping back!

gcpemberton said...

thats awesome. i love that story! i get comments like that all the time in china just for having TWO kids!! i mean, all the time - every day about 10 times a day (but they don't know that i understand them. ha ha) anyway, CROCS so awesome. My older son was in a CROCS modeling show here in shanghai and we got a TON Of free crocs, they're amazing shoes! by the way, im Gina - i met you one time in college a long time ago. I went to shanghai on the same team as jared in 1997. anyway... love your blog Im going to read it all in the next few days :) you're a great writer and i think its so awesome that you have so many little sweeties. i hope we can have lots too! gina

Mama Joe said...

I stumbled on your site through IheartFaces...your photo submitted for feedback friday. I, too, have 5 children. My oldest was 6 when we had our youngest. I can't tell you the number of times I lived through what you just described...just not at the croc sale! I can't wait to look around and learn more about your beautiful family. You go!!