Monday, December 8, 2008

Let It Snow...

Last week we got a little snow.  The kids really wanted to go out, but it was only 12 degrees out.  What fun is that when the snow won't stick?  When it's this cold outside the snow is just powder.  While this is really pretty to look at it is worthless for building snowmen or making snowballs, which is what they like to do.  We also got our tree up.  That's about the only Christmas decorating we are going to do this year.  

They loved watching the snow coming down.
We just finished painting the deck a few days earlier.  
I love the lights on our tree at night and early in the morning as the sun comes up.  So pretty!


Colleen said...

Umm..your house and tree are AMAZING..want to come decorate OUR tree??

JAN said...

Colleen, you are way too sweet! What you don't see are all the ornaments on the floor along with the silver tinsel, toys, and books. LOL! If you come over during the day our tree isn't that impressive. Yours is probably much nicer, but thank you!