Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Party

This past weekend we attended a party at the home of our friends in Loveland. The kids had a so much fun. They got to carve pumpkins, roast marshmallows, and eat some really great food. I'm glad you didn't run out of brats, Kellee.

Martin Luther wannabes!

I love cookies...

Carving pumpkins. Thanks for all the help Kellee!


tina said...

Oh see, there you go partying without me. You party animal.

Kellee said...

Ok, so I took the leftover brats to the potluck at church tonight and everyone loved them so there obviously was a reason I got so many! Thanks again for the great pics!

Adriane said...

Kellee, when I look at these pictures, I always wonder why you get to be the skinny sister. It's not fair.

one of the other ones,