Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Poor Baby

Since Sunday night David has not been feeling like himself.  I thought maybe he had a little too much birthday cake or there was just too much excitement from his party.   It all started Sunday evening when David decided that he would eject all of the contents in his stomach everywhere.  Okay, so you are thinking he probably threw up a few times, right?  Wrong.  He had it coming out both ends.   Every time I finished cleaning up one mess, there was a  new one waiting for me.  I guess I can't complain too much because since he hasn't been feeling well all he has wanted to do is cuddle!  Who can complain about that?  My curious, busy, little boy, for the last few days, has just wanted to sit or lay on the couch with me.  I guess with all the bad does come some good.  He has stopped throwing up.  Now I just pray that the runs are on their way out.  This evening he is getting a little energy back, so I am a little thankful for that.  Meanwhile, the laundry will continue to pile up.

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