Saturday, April 19, 2008

Moving Again!

We are on the move again. After much fun and drama we finally closed on our new home a few days ago. After we closed we went home, loaded up a few things, picked up some dinner, and drove to our new home. If you know us pretty well you know that we don't buy homes unless they have been in foreclosure. Well this house is just like the other with one exception. It looks great inside! The previous owners took care of this home with great pride. It is beautiful on the inside and out.

As we were moving some of our things in, we hear this really loud and cheery voice. It was one of our new neighbors. Yay! She came over as soon as she saw Jared's pick up in the drive way. She was so excited to meet us and very nice too. She just needed to tone down her excitement a little. She told us about the previous owners. They are in jail for embezzlement. Isn't that just perfect? She did say the house had "good juju" though. Whatever that means.

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